Get Involved

What can I do to help?

Thank you for volunteering to be a Lake Brantley Marching Patriot Band chaperone. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. We are always in need of volunteers in the following areas: 

  • Tuesday/Thursday Band Practice
  • Uniform Distribution and Return
  • Bleacher Crew
  • Game Chaperones
  • Uniform Room
  • Greenside Concession
  • Apple Sales and Delivery

An email will be sent out to the volunteers who sign up for each football game, festival, or other marching event with important information pertaining to the chaperones.  Chaperone duties will also be discussed at pre-game meetings.  

Let’s all remember that our objective is to assist our band directors and to keep all the band students safe while enjoying our children and the wonderful music.

Getting Started

All prospective chaperones must sign up to be apart of Seminole County D-I-V-I-D-E-N-D volunteer program.

Dress to Impress

Parent volunteers are encouraged to wear an official blue Lake Brantley Band polo while volunteering.  You can order yours today. 

Executive Board



Frank Lester

Vice President

Rick Lange

Treasurer Team

Kim Knipfing

Tammy Steffy


Laurie Bedell


  • Julie Edstrom
  • Roy Smith
  • Tony Robinson
  • Carla Higgins

Committee Chairs


Jessica Rosenblatt


Carla Higgins

Brenda Lange

Concessions- (Green Side)

Roy Smith


Rick Lange

Sweet Brantley Jazz

To Be Announced


Brenda Lange

Frank Lester

Band Camp Admin.

Frank Lester

First Aid

Gretchen Friedman


Karen Pfannerstill

Bleacher Crew

Carlos Santiago

Jim Higgins

Finance Committee

Rick Lange


Tamara Hall

Game Day Volunteering

See Ya Next Year!

*** Marching season has come to a close.  Please come back next year to help out during the football games. ***

Are you looking for way to spend more time with your child?  Do you enjoy the excitement of Friday night lights?  Would you like to help your fellow band parents keep your son / daughter happy and hydrated?

If you answered yes to anyone of the questions above then consider signing up to assist the band during this week's football game.  

Band Practice volunteers

** Thank you to everyone who donated their time this school year during band practice.  

If you missed out this year, we would love to see you next year in August. **

Our band members meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school to practice together during the marching season.  We can use volunteers to help with a variety of light duties.  

Bonus:  All volunteers are serenaded with wonderful music during their service.