All uniform parts & dry cleaning receipt are due November 19th @ 2:30-3:00 p.m.


Students, especially those who exhibit above average talent or those interested in above average musical achievement, are encouraged to study with a good private teacher.  The best teachers obtain the best results.  The best private teachers specialize in one or two instruments, play their instrument for their students during the lesson and set high standards of performance for their students.  They help students select music for Solo and Ensemble MPA and work to prepare their students for the MPA, prepare students for All-State auditions, insist students learn their scales and refuse to teach students who do not practice, or come to lessons repeatedly unprepared.



John Almeida       407-767-7584

Nancy King       407-746-3460 

Mark Barron       407-767-2001 

Chris Dolski       407-834-4381 

Bob Hinckley       386-804-4954 

Gareth Pritchard       407-747-1057


Dan Ferri       386-837-6655

Jeremy Williamson       407-782-2729

Rod Shuttleworth       407-767-2001

Dr. Artie Almeida        407-767-7584

Brian Kuperman     407-712-3479


Fred Kagi       407-366-0752

Bill Golstien       407-767-2001

Dan Ferri       386-837-6655

Heather Langs       407-767-2001

Andrea Neuhouse      407-756-7349 


Grace Petree    407-323-3639

Dan Ferri     386-837-6655

Katie Nicklin    407-647-8600


Lisa Williamson     407-430-2221

John Beck     407-645-3192

Anita Malcomb     407-322-6975

French Horn

Carolyn Blice      407-539-0920

Grace Kuperman    407-227-5360

Trombone, Baritone, Tuba

Sheldon Martin      407-883-1683

Phillip Jennings      407-695-9076 

Kerry Waldo      407-222-1191 

David Schmidt      386-822-8949

Ben Kon      407-234-8763 

Nancy King      407-746-3460 

Claude Kashnig      407-345-5696 


Heather Thorn      321-438-8666

Buck McLeod      407-339-6683

Piano Teachers and  Accompanists

Elizabeth Jennings      407-695-9076 

Heather Langs      407-767-2001