Apple Canvasing

Additional Information

The sale consists of three parts: direct sales, canvassing and delivery. Our Direct Sales Apple Fundraiser begins in September.  Students will get their apple packet during their band class.  Directions for this sale are listed in the packet.  All packets should be returned to the band room by the end of the second week of October. 

Parent volunteers must be registered Dividends and have a Driver's License form turned in to drive the students that are canvassing. Please turn in $10 with the driver's form to the band office and make the check payable to Lake Brantley High School. We will make a list of parents that have turned in the driver's form and then we will take all the forms to the front office. Both of these links are found on the website.  

 Download the apple order form here.

This year (2018--2019) our Apple Canvassing will be held on by the second week in September, followed by a make-up day towards the end of September.  There will be a meeting that begins at 8:30 am for all parent volunteers that are driving for the canvass. After the meeting, Mr. Wharton will call for parents to pick up their group of 4 students. Canvassing will last no later than 11:30 am.  We will need over 90 volunteers to drive the students so they can canvass the routes.  Contact Christina Bouchard if you would like to help. 

The apples should arrive at Lake Brantley High School the first week in November.    

A big 'thank you' to all who assisted in years past. We encourage you to sign up and help with this fundraiser to guarantee another successful year.