Band Fundraising

Apple Canvasing

A large part of the program is funded by our annual Apple Canvasing event.  The sale consists of three parts direct sales, canvassing and delivery.  For Direct Sales, each member is responsible for selling 5 bags of delicious apples to friends, family members, and fellow apple lovers.  The direct sale phase begins in September.  Students will get their apple packet during their band class and  should be returned to the band room in October. 

Canvassing takes place over two Saturdays.  Band members are grouped together and are escorted by a parent volunteer around neighborhoods in the surrounding area.  The teams go door to door selling apples.  All drivers are registered Dividends and have a Driver's License form on file with the school.   We require around 90 volunteers to drive students around their routes.  If you are interested in driving a team of eager apple sellers, you can download the approved driver's form here

Delivery is the final portion of the campaign.  Once the truck load of apples arrive at the school, the students will help organize the apple orders during their band class, and a team of volunteers work quickly to distribute the prepaid apples to our customers.  Students will need to take their 5 bags home with them before the Thanksgiving break.  We can always use help dispersing the large amount of apples.   

A big 'thank you' to all who assisted in years past. We encourage you to sign up and help with this fundraiser to guarantee another successful year.

Apple Delivery

All of the apples sold during this year's canvassing have been delivered.  If you have not received your apple order, please contact the band room at 407-746-3460.

Thank you for your support. 

Student Fundraising

Student Accounts

Student are offered the opportunity to participate in fundraising events and the proceeds are deposited solely into their personal account.  Parents and students cannot place money directly into the accounts.  Money is earned only through the fundraisers.  The Band Boosters maintain student band accounts for any student who would like to participate.  

The account can be used to pay for band related items, including fees, uniforms, trips, etc.  If a student comes to a game or concert and has forgotten socks, gloves or button covers, he/she can use the account to purchase the items.  Having at least $10.00 in a student account gives the students a safety net for hectic Friday evenings.

Complete this form to create your account.   Sign Up Today

Many students use this tool as a way to raise money for the trip we take every 4 years.  When a student graduates, any unused money either transfers to a sibling’s account or to the band’s general scholarship account.

During uniform distribution day, do yourself a favor and don't skip out on the fundraising table.  Take a minute to learn more about the two fun and exciting campaigns we have to offer:  

  • Yankee Candle Online Sales 
  • Entertainment Coupon Books